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ABOUT: DREAM STAITE (the comic/movie)

Dream Staite tells the story of Lynden Staite, a 30 something year old artist who is finding it difficult to make ends meet. He has had a constant string of failed relationships, and has dreams that bleed into his everyday life. Taunted by the constant presence of his lizard 'familiar', torn between his life and his 'real' life, bound to a woman that doesn't exist Lynden stands on a precipice trying not to topple. We follow Lynden as he remembers where it all started and watch as he dips in and out of a fantasy world of his own making. Will he sub come to his fantasies or find the strength to do the unimaginable and live in 'reality'?

Why a comic before movie?

If we are making a comic then why are we even thinking about making a movie? The answer is simple. Dream Staite (original title 'Desert Dream') was always intended to be a film. For quite some time now John-Lynton has been working on the story, originally a 5 page narrative based on a sequence of dreams, and though a plan had been laid out to produce the film in 2012/2013 John-Lynton wanted to test the story beforehand. Hence Dream Staite the comic. Another reason is that it is substantially cheaper to create comic than a film which had been estimated at £900,000 to produce. It is our hope that the web based comic will generate enough interest in the story and maybe even attract financers who would be willing to back the project.


Approaching Storm Films is a collective of independent film makers producing low budget but high quality narrative based short films, series, and multi-format projects for the new media era.

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ABOUT: JOHN-LYNTON BRYAN (the writer/artist)

John-Lynton hails from a theatre, music and artistic background which moved him on to becoming a professional graphic designer. After a while the lure of storytelling pulled him back to go into animation at the University of Wales, Newport where he specialised in stop motion animation while still working part time in Graphics. After an intense three years at Newport and a couple of animated shorts made to professional standards to show for it he graduated in 2009 with a hunger to carry on his professional ethic to tackle the television and film industries head on. It is his goal to see Dream Staite become a reality as a feature length film and it is to this end that he, along with the support of his company, has set out on this journey.

Dream Staite - The Movie
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